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What people say

  • Jen has a terrific ability to get down to work and focus on the objectives for increasing productivity. This focus provides a straight line toward fulfilling goals and dreams instead of wandering through a whole host of distractions. I now give more weight to the importance of my actions before I undertake projects. I recognize problems that take more time and energy than they are worth.

  • I decided to work with Moxy after losing my business partner to a full-time job. I needed accountability. Jen has a strength of character and purpose that is unmatched by almost anyone.

  • I was in a rut at work. Jen taught me how to think. Within three months, I had a new job.

  • Jen's coaching brought out confidence within me and in my work. I heard encouragement that was sincere and it grounded me in whatever I was focusing on.

  • After working with Jen I saw 250% revenue growth in six months. I could not achieve results that quickly without my coach.

  • Jen changed my life! She introduced me to tools I never knew I had.

  • If you want to talk and talk but never really get anything accomplished, don't hire Jen. When it comes to straight talk, Jen is a whiz. She is clear, concise, and incredibly insightful. Jen creates the space for you to be your best self, and then she fosters that into something more than you could have ever imagined. Ready to make a real change? Work with Moxy.