Truth is, nobody needs coaching. When you are coaching work teams, and you approach someone as though they need fixing or need coaching, it will backfire. When you are the leader, the skills that got you there are not the skills that will take you where you are going.  Motivate teams, read on.

I wrapped up with a client recently and he said, “I’m a hundred times clearer about what I want and now I know where to start”. Who doesn’t want to like to feel like this when you’re stuck? Awareness and crystallized thinking are two benefits of coaching.

When you are using coaching, this isn’t the time to assert your opinion. Instead, help your employee get clear on their task-at-hand. Your results will be powerful. Coaching isn’t a quick fix, you’ll be building a sustainable foundation.

Ask, don’t tell. And zip it. Listen after you ask.


This book is recommended for leaders who want to motivate teams. You will see connections more clearly of how coaching impacts leadership development and the examples are valuable for leaders.