Right away, you’ll feel the positive momentum that comes from setting goals and having the self-confidence to achieve them. You’ll begin leading a more balanced life, making time for what’s important to you.

If you are ready to devote time and energy toward making real, honest changes in your life/work, you are ready for Moxy Coaching. If you are ready to focus on big-picture thinking and problem solving – to collaborate and consider new perspectives while assuming full responsibility for your decisions – you are ready for Moxy Coaching. Your role in the coaching process will include creating a coaching agenda that is based on your vision and goals, and observing and assessing yourself and others throughout the process.

We use external indicators to gauge your success. These might include achievement of coaching goals, increased income/revenue, obtaining a promotion, self-scoring assessments made during the coaching process, changes in self-awareness and awareness of others, shifts in thinking that bring more effective actions, and shifts in your emotional health that inspire confidence.

Coaching works best with a minimum six-month commitment. Many clients work in coaching for longer periods, and together you and your coach will determine the timeframe for the relationship. Full-time coaching includes two hours of coaching per month and is typically split into two, one-hour sessions.

Current monthly rates will be shared during our introductory sample session (see below to learn more about this session).

Contact us to schedule a no-obligation, 20-minute sample coaching session.