Experience Group Coaching

Increase your results.

Two+ minds are better than one.

Community + Networking. 

Seeing what you need to learn in someone else.

Just a few reasons to try a group.


While there is an amazing transformation that happens in individual coaching, there’s something about the group dynamic that supports people in getting into action, taking bigger risks and keeping their commitments.

There is a wealth of knowledge that comes from groups and online classes. While there is always great content shared in our classes and groups, the benefit of getting advice and feedback from others who have been there is powerful. Realizing you are not the only person who has experienced a difficult experience is valuable. This has the power to grease the wheels of motivation in a big way.

Many leaders and entrepreneurs feel like they are alone and isolated, especially as they grow in their career. There are relationships and a sense of community that comes from participating in a group. You will expand your network. Many group participants see each other asking for help and become inspired to get more help in their own life/work too.

Group coaching often allows participates to get more for their money. It is a great value.

Lastly, there is something energizing and inspiring about coming together. We like to have fun and get to know each other.