The tools and resources below are helpful to our clients on their journey to mastering their leadership.

Wondering if coaching is right for you?

TOOL: Am I Ready for Coaching

KEY VALUE: Explore whether you might benefit from working with a coach. If the questions you answer indicate you are ready for coaching, contact us to schedule a free introductory coaching session.

Strengths tools

Achieve your goals by maximizing your strengths.

TOOL: Clifton Strengthsfinder 2.0

KEY VALUE: Learn about your talents and how to use them more effectively. You can also use this tool to identify the strengths of other people as well. Moxy Coaching uses this tool in both one-on-one and group sessions. Some of the exercises may make more sense in a workshop setting.

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Learn about your team’s strengths.

TOOL: Scavenger Hunt

KEY VALUE: This discovery tool is meant to be used in a group to help co-workers learn more about each other’s strengths.

Set your team up to appreciate the blend.

TOOL: Working with Others

KEY VALUE: This exercise helps you share with others how your strengths impact the way you work.

Coaching Tools

Feeling off balance?

TOOL: Wheel Of Life

KEY VALUE: Step back to look at your whole life and discern where your satisfaction level is in each area. This can be tremendously helpful with goal setting.

Want decisions to be easier?

TOOL: Personal Values Card Sort

KEY VALUE: Identify your core values. Values are the guiding principles we live by that dictate our decisions – often subconsciously. Coaching can help you live more intentionally by making choices that align with your values.

Struggling to resolve a conflict? Try this.

TOOL: 6 Hats

KEY VALUE: Learn how to sort out conflict. We often share this tool in workshops with a demonstration.

Networking Tools

TOOL: Ten Networking Questions

KEY VALUE: Use these questions to build your ability to network well. Not a big fan of networking? Introverted? Then you should definitely check these out! You will love what you learn.

Year-End Wrap-Up Questions

TOOL: Year End WrapUp

KEY VALUE: At the end of each year, it’s a great idea to reflect upon the past year and get focused on how you want the coming year to go. Begin with the end in mind! Going through this exercise is a wonderful first step in living intentionally.