Get Coached

Coaching; a partnership to get you there faster.

To live intentionally you must define what success is for you and take action. A coach is someone to guide you toward those ends, providing objectivity, accountability, support and constructive feedback.

Coaching helps you honestly evaluate what you want in life, and inspires you to go out and get it. It brings new energy and direction, allowing you to consider new perspectives, gain confidence, leverage strengths and most of all devote time to make the changes you desire.

Much like professional athletes, successful people realize having a coach gives them a competitive edge – someone in their corner to help them reach their full potential.

Give it a try!

Schedule your first coaching session on us. We will do a 30-minute strategy session with you. Coaching is better experienced than explained.

Types of coaching

Entrepreneur Coaching

One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face is finding the time to do everything they need to do. Developing a plan is critical, yet focusing on the big picture is challenging with so many day-to-day tasks to manage. That’s why more and more entrepreneurs are using coaches to find the support and collaboration they need to set goals and achieve them.

Executive Coaching

From highly successful CEOs and company presidents to sales managers, savvy business leaders are taking note of the considerable impact of coaching. By assisting you in committing to action and being a sounding board to your experiences, coaching allows you the personal space and support you need to grow and develop. As individuals advance to the executive level, they desire more feedback on their development but tend to get less. As a result, many executives plateau rather than continue to develop critical interpersonal and leadership skills. Working within corporate objectives, Moxy provides one-on-one coaching for senior executives and upper-level management to guide them to the next level.

Organizational Coaching

Coaching enhances morale and productivity of team members, reducing staff turnover by making individuals feel valued and connected. By offering a balance between fulfilling organizational goals and objectives while taking into account the specific needs of individual employees, both the organization and the employee gain significant benefits.

Leadership Coaching

An organization’s competitive advantage depends on its ability to quickly develop leaders. An investment in coaching makes a powerful statement about the value of each leader in the company’s future. It helps new leaders on board more quickly by clarifying goals, being deliberate about building relationships and establishing accountability.

Personal Coaching

No one is more responsible for your personal and professional development than you. Whether you are looking for a career change, seeking to maximize your potential with an existing employer or achieve greater balance with your work and home lives, Moxy Coaching can help by providing a supportive and motivating environment to explore what you want in life and how to get it.

Personal Brand Coaching

Stand for something, not for everything. What does your personal brand say about you? Your appearance, behavior and communication skills create an immediate impression, so it is critical to define yourself intentionally. Having a strong brand will help you develop relationships quickly and strengthen the confidence others have in your abilities. Not to mention building confidence in yourself.