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A One-Year comprehensive growth engine

With 10 years of experience coaching and training on leadership, we understand the challenges that hold leaders back. You are not alone. The Leadwell Academy combines support, training, and community to provide practical and workable solutions to the obstacles facing leaders today.

Stop thinking about how you want to do things differently, and take action. Be intentional. Our curriculum encompasses personal leadership, how to lead others well and build effective teams by being a coaching leader and finessing your communication skills. A team is a reflection of its leader.

Be the leader you would follow.

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Personal Mastery

If you are not operating at your best, not aware of your gaps, you will have big blind spots and will struggle to lead your team. We will help you clean up your organization, self-discipline, and personal policies so you can be a leader who has the time to lead well.

Leading Others Well

Are you getting the results you want? People are our most valuable assets. Most leaders spend 75% of every day dealing with people. Learn to demonstrate leadership that allows people to run the systems we have in place to achieve organization objectives.

Effective Teams

How teams work matter more than who is on them. We set the tone for how our teams work. We are responsible for building relationships so the team can take risks and innovate. Learn how to get intentional about creating an environment where your people can thrive.


Leaders need to role model healthy communication. Many times we inadvertently undermine our teams success with poor habits in our communication. It’s time to really listen and develop strong leaders on your team. Fine-tuning your communication skills takes time. We will start with the basics that really aren’t so basic.

Coaching Leader Skills

Coaching is a skill can be a huge difference maker in the development of your team. Yet we often think we are coaching when we are advising or minimizing someone’s ideas. We will learn models that leaders can use so being a coaching leader becomes natural and habit. Culture change doesn’t happen by telling people they have to change. We need to be able to empower others.

Personal Foundations

This part of the program will help you tend to self-care, increase your confidence, and grow your ability to be open. If things aren’t going well in other areas of your life, things aren’t going well in your organization either. We will address tolerations, boundaries, personal needs and more. lsa.


Gain 5 extra hours a week

If you think you don’t have time to lead well or be a visionary, you are wrong. Work smarter, not harder.

Attract & Retain Top Talent

Is conflict & turn-over getting in the way of your team’s success? Leadwell Academy will give you the tools you need to inspire and grow your team

Increase your bottom line

Utilizing best practices and implementing systems that save time and maximize productivity are just one way you will see your business grow. The change within your team will be felt, seen and measured because of your successful leadership.

Lead with Authenticity

The Leadwell Academy will help you maximize your natural strengths, master difficult conversations, address your blind spots, connect with your team and become an unforgettable leader. “Leaders are made, they are not born.” (Vince Lombardi)

Help your leaders lead

We cannot move ourselves or our organizations to the next level nor can our people help us move to the next level, unless we identify what the next level is.

Communicate with clarity

Effective communication is the dividing line between survival and success and the key to building high-performance teams, creating a unified sense of purpose, and moving your organizations to the next levels.


For a decade, Jen Bertsch has been training and coaching leaders to move beyond managing to leading well. She is known for her direct and engaging style and relentlessly challenges her clients to grow. She is a trailblazer in her work with millennial leaders.

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  • Half-day Seminar, Quarterly
  • Group Coaching, Monthly
  • Personal Foundation Program
  • Leader Assessment + Review
  • Live 1 1/2 day retreat
  • Apply to the Academy


  • Half-day Seminar, Quaterly
  • Group Coaching, Monthly
  • Personal Foundation Program
  • Leader Assessment- Review
  • Live 1 1/2 day retreat
  • Private 1-1 Coaching, Quarterly
  • Apply to the Academy

What people say

  • Jen has a terrific ability to get down to work and focus on the objectives for increasing productivity. This focus provides a straight line toward fulfilling goals and dreams instead of wandering through a whole host of distractions. I now give more weight to the importance of my actions before I undertake projects. I recognize problems that take more time and energy than they are worth.

    Tad Johnson
  • "If you want to talk and talk but never really get anything accomplished, don't hire Jen. When it comes to straight talk, Jen is a whiz. She is clear, concise, and incredibly insightful. Jen creates the space for you to be your best self, and then she fosters that into something more than you could have ever imagined. Ready to make a real change? Jen's your gal."