Test That’s Wrap

Do any three-in-a-row group sessions from December 6th through January 31st.

For example: If are the Type A, early planner, start on December 6th and in three weeks, you will be ready to start your new year with a great plan.

Other example: If you tend to procrastinate and start thinking about new year goals in mid January, jump in as late as January 17th for your three-in-a-row group sessions.

Do any three in a row sessions. Start any Tuesday. See schedule for specifics.

Groups webinar sessions are on Tuesdays at 11:30am CT (with a couple exceptions – see below schedule).

Grab one of our year end packages to help you wrap this year well.

You can choose your level of engagement.

We have a package for the do-it-yourselfers. It’s easy and economical. You get the That’s A Wrap guide along with private access to five videos that will guide you through the process in the guide. This makes a great gift for people too!

We have a package for those who want to participate but know they need accountability or they will.not.get.this.done. (Most of us.) You’ll get everything the do-it-yourselfer gets plus three live group sessions to take you through the steps. This will be fun!

Maybe you know yourself and you know a one-one session to get your year started right is just what you need. We have a package for you, the VIP Package. You get all of the above resources and options plus a one on one, Kick-Off Coaching Session to get your year started right. If you get this package you will get a bonus. Gratitude Journal with an instructional video.