Jen Bertsch

Master Coach

WELCOME to Moxy Coaching, the home of LeadWell™!

Moxy Coaching’s LeadWell program is for busy leaders with big, audacious goals who are looking to level up their productivity and satisfaction at work and in life. 

Through a potent combination of training, group coaching and discussion, Moxy’s LeadWell program facilitates self-reflective insight and supercharges your leadership with intentionality. You’ll learn to to lead others to transformative results through coaching and emerge with fresh ideas and methods to unleash your team’s potential for rockstar results. You’ll even get to practice your skills in our live LeadWell Labs with hotseat coaching. Sound scary? You betcha!

But you’ll have fun too. We’ll be there to nudge you out of your comfort zone and into your best “you!” Because once you discover your moxy, you’ll become the leader everyone eagerly follows.

"I had come to a point in life and business where something needed to change, but I couldn’t pinpoint what that was. I also needed to elevate my leadership. By working with Jen, I learned to see the bigger picture of my situation and understand where I was not operating at full potential and what was holding me back. Ultimately, making changes contributed to an initial 19% increase and then a 33% growth in business the next year. I’m a completely different leader today because of the LeadWell program."
Katelynn H.
Senior Leader, Health & Wellness
"Participating in LeadWell's hot seat practice was SO cool - wow, I am amazed! What a fantastic program you have - it was a fun, quick and modern way to practice coaching - while providing HUGE value to both the learning coach and the participant. Brilliant!"
Lori M.
HR Manager

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