Jen Bertsch at home

Weird But True

Facts About Jen

  1. Jen knows every legal hold in high school wrestling.
  2. Her first business was as a child selling crawfish out of Pike Creek to bait shops.
  3. The first time Jen saw her husband he was playing Tiny Tim in “A Christmas Carol”. She was 7 and he was 5.
  4. Jen has three trunks of homemade Halloween costumes she constructed the morning of October 31, each year.
  5. She is responsible for modernizing communication of many friends and family (hey Slack and Voxer — you’re welcome).

Coaching helps people go places they never thought they could. 

That’s what happened to me and why I’m a coach today! 

Born and raised right here in Minnesota, I always had a love of style and studied fashion merchandising. My first retail job was at Dayton’s department store. One day, an older lady noticed my go-getter attitude and remarked, “I don’t know where you got it, but kid, you’ve got moxy!” 

Huh, that was my father’s word for me! And when he used it, I never quite knew the meaning. 

But now I know it means determined, gutsy, and not afraid to rock the boat. It’s kind of my secret sauce.

Fast forward to ten years later and you’d find me at the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce, working to grow the membership.  

But my moxy was being stretched thin. I was saying “yes” to everything and suddenly I realized I was completely overwhelmed. I felt paralyzed, like there was nothing more I could accomplish. But when I discovered there were personal development dollars available to me through the chamber, I decided, with a little hope, as well as skepticism, to hire a coach.

Coaching was like magic! I conquered my roadblocks. I began blowing my  work goals out of the water and breaking through the invisible ceiling that had been holding me back. I accomplished other BIG goals that I didn’t even know I wanted…like losing thirty pounds and making new friends. I said goodbye to that overwhelming feeling!   

With my moxy renewed, I led an award-winning membership campaign that took membership to an all-time high. 

Suddenly, the world opened up with possibilities, including entrepreneurship. I trained as a coach myself and launched my practice in 2007. 

In 2012, I  was asked to give a demonstration of “what coaching looks like” at a live conference of 200 top senior leaders. It turned out to be the start of my “hot seat coaching” idea, as I coached an executive on stage. 

Over the next three years, I helped train 70 leaders in coaching. In the process, I discovered how important practicing coaching is for leaders who are responsible for developing the potential of others. 

From that inspiration, I developed and launched the wildly successful LeadWell program in 2015, which features live coach mentoring. It’s received stellar reviews from the participants who have gone on to achieve measurable results in their lives and businesses.  

Now, I’m enjoying life as an entrepreneur and helping leaders become more accomplished and happy humans through our premier LeadWell program which features the top trend, boss-as-coach leadership development.

It was coaching that helped me master my time management so I could work fewer hours but still increase revenue, and even spend more intentional time  with my supportive husband, son, and daughter. 

Now, my life mission is to help other leaders get to the same place in their lives.


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