Leadership Team Development

Just as a coach motivates an athlete and adjusts their training so they win more often, Moxy Coaching provides inspiration, strategies, and techniques to help amplify your team’s leadership.

Jen Bertsch’s teaching style is part best friend, part drill sergeant. Your team will be nudged out of their comfort zone and into a place where they can better achieve performance goals.

Moxy Coaching will help your team shatter limiting beliefs, bad habits, and apathy that keeps them from reaching their goals. 

  • Implement strategies to reach important company goals
  • Build confidence
  • Achieve development milestones
  • Improve work relationships
  • Leverage team strengths
  • Master time management…finally!
  • Enjoy better work/life balance
  • Live and lead with intention
  • Banish limiting beliefs

At Moxy Coaching, we support you with proven techniques and constructive feedback. Whatever your vision, we can help you create a plan to achieve it!

TEAM Coaching Get ready for team transformation!

Jen Bertsch provides leadership team development within organizations, associations, and companies to bring out the best in themselves and their teams. 

Jen works with your organization with the intent to help coach your team through their biggest challenges. She shares unique approaches to problem-solving and management that creates role model leaders, and builds greater initiative, collaboration, and loyalty among the team members.

Teams have the unique opportunity to practice transparency and vulnerability in team coaching and learn to use their talents to grow in their role. In short, they work better together!

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Leadership Team Development Learn the Top Trend in Leadership Training--Leader as Coach!

Jen Bertsch offers training sessions featuring curriculum from her acclaimed, LeadWell leadership program. The game-changing methods and strategies presented focus on assimilating coaching skills into the everyday leadership and management of your team. Depending on your team’s challenges, the course taught will focus on: 

  • Building trust and loyalty
  • Cultivating teamwork and collaboration
  • Helping leaders lead themselves well
  • Improving time management
  • Developing better communication skills

We’re all about helping improve your team, with measurable results!

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VIP DAYS An Extended Session For Even Faster Results.  

VIP days are private, powerful, half or full-day sessions that provide a deep dive into your goals. You’ll also walk away with a comprehensive plan to reach them.

Clients who have done a VIP day have found them to be complete game-changers with measurable results. One client reported a 33% revenue increase the next business year as a result of a plan named during a VIP day.

I had come to a point in life and business where something needed to change, but I couldn’t pinpoint what that was. I also needed to elevate my leadership. At my VIP day, I learned to see the bigger picture of my situation and understand where I was not operating at full potential and what was holding me back. Ultimately, making changes contributed to an intial 19% increase and then a 33% growth in business the next year. I’m a completely different person today because of regular coaching and the VIP day.

Katelyn H.

VIP days are held in-person or virtually with Jen Bertsch and are completely dedicated to your priorities and agenda. Check out this blog about Jen’s personal experience with a VIP day. 

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